I’ve learned something in the past couple of months. And that is that a working camera is a rather integral part of food blogging. *Ahem*

If you’re reading this, you can pat yourself on the back and feel good about the fact that you are one of the few and strong who haven’t ditched my poor little camera-less blog in the last several weeks. You’ve stuck it out through all my camera woes on Facebook, and some horrendous old photos and resurrected posts from the early days of Sugar Duchess.

I’m back! And I have a beautiful new baby! And it’s time to get my little blog up to speed again.

I brought you sugar cookies. It’s Halloween. And I was worried that you weren’t getting enough refined carbs this week.

This is what happens when you start throwing a whole lot of butter together with a whole lot of sugar. Then you add more sugar. Then you put sugar on top of it. Good grief.


Pumpkins. They were going to be jack-o-lanterns, but the two jack-o-lantern cookies I did were decidedly less cute than just plain pumpkins.


Spooky ghosts with scream mask faces. Or something like that.


I’m not a spider person. When I see one, I usually shriek something that sounds vaguely like my husband’s name, and he’s learned that that means he needs to come kill something while I stand on the other side of the room. Icing spiders are only barely non-unacceptable.


Which cookie is your favorite? I’d love to hear!