Box of cookies

I’m either burned out, or very close to it.

I love my kitchen and my mixer and flour bucket. So dearly. But I don’t think I really appreciated the full impact of what I was committing myself to. Twelve straight days of baking and photographing and writing and editing and posting. Good grief! Twelve straight days! During the busiest time of the year. Except I skipped Sunday. And I cheated once. And I’m technically still only on day ten.

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. And very sleepy. And done making treats for the next couple of days. Time to let someone else take over for a bit.

Platter of cookies

A few weeks ago the lovely people at Archway Cookies sent me a big box full of their Holiday Cookies to sample. Oooh, and I sure sampled. I had Wedding Cake, Cashew Nougat, Gingerbread Man, Iced Gingerbread Man and Pfeffernusse. And their two new flavors, Snow Top and Candy Cane, which were far and away my two favorites.

Archway boasts a cookie that looks and tastes homemade rather than store-bought. I have to admit they look a little too perfect and uniform to resemble homemade cookies. And I can’t say they taste exactly homemade. But good heavens, they were still delicious! If you’re going to buy rather than bake, these would be the cookies to choose.

I think I ate all of the Candy Cane cookies in one afternoon. That’s real classy.

Archway Candy Cane cookies

If you’re as kitchened-out as I am this weekend, then it might not be a bad idea to let someone else handle some of your baking. Archway to the rescue.