As far as events go, nothing wins the prize for the highest concentration of cuteness in a single place at a single time quite like a baby shower. Is it possible to NOT decorate cute baby sugar cookies when you’re putting on a cute baby shower to celebrate with the cute pregnant mommy-to-be on the upcoming arrival of her cute baby?

No. Not possible.

My brother and his wife just brought their first baby into the world, and I couldn’t NOT make sugar cookies for her shower. So here’s the lineup:

Ducklings. Cute.

Baby bottles. Precious.

Teddy bears. Darling.

I’d love to hear which is your favorite!

Now, as long as you’re here and we’re talking cuteness and babies, I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of my family:

Yes, we’re expecting Baby #3 (another boy!) in November, and we are absolutely thrilled. I can totally do this “mother-of-three-boys” thing. Totally. But check back again after this little guy is born, because reality has a funny way of setting in sometimes.

I’ll be sure to keep you all updated, and in the meantime, I’ve got delicious stuff for you coming up. . . Stay tuned.