This past weekend, I fixed my hair (and put on makeup), handed the kids over to a babysitter, and attended LTUE, a local sci-fi/fantasy writing convention.

Is it a complete surprise that I love to write? Maybe not.

Is it a complete surprise that I’ve got a geek streak? Maybe not.

My husband, being a web designer and developer, as well as a writer himself (and entirely outclassing me in geekiness), recently created a website for writers. is a collection of blog posts about writing and publishing. Most of the posts contain writing/publishing advice, but you can also find book reviews, interviews, essays, and news from the writing community — all contributed by writer-bloggers.

Think Tastespotting. Same model, different community.

We spent most of the convention sitting at our table in the vendors’ room, telling all of the authors we met about inkPageant, and encouraging them to take a look. Oh, and we handed out free cookies.

You didn’t think I could pass up an opportunity to decorate sugar cookies, did you?

See that empty basket up there? That’s where the cookies used to be. Success. (3000 points if you understand the reference on my husband’s shirt.)

I recently fell in love with a new recipe that makes thicker, softer sugar cookies that spread less. Go ahead and make fun of me for being the last one on earth to find Sugarbelle. Her incredibly gorgeous and detailed cookies alone would have been enough to keep me coming back. But the amazing cookie recipe she provides completely seals the deal.