I’m LaChelle. Hi there.

I’m a baker, cake decorator, and closet writer who frequently gives in to the urge to shoot things that come out of my oven.

Samoas Cupcakes

I started this blog as a creative outlet after I graduated with a degree in Piano Performance. When I suddenly wasn’t required to practice 4+ hours every day, I found that I suddenly had time to pursue some of my interests which had been waiting on the back burner through all four years of college.

I love to write, and I love to turn flour and sugar and butter into tasty, pretty things. Voila! Sugar Duchess was born.

Banana Almond Bread

Right now I’m living my dream in Orem, Utah — a wife to the world’s most awesome man, and a mother to the two sweetest little boys. I spend my days trying to nurture them into kind, smart, responsible people. And I throw flour around during the blessed naptime hours. I have the coolest job in the universe. No battle.

I bake what excites me. The recipes you find here aren’t generally going to be earth-shatteringly original. You won’t see any science experiments involving snooty French terms and strange combinations of obscure ingredients.  Sorry, I’m not that kind of baker. I like my kitchen staples. And I’m honestly a little bit afraid of concoctions like that.


What you will find here is tried-and-true comfort food — the same kinds of treats you’d see at a quaint little corner bakery with a sweet ancient grandmother behind the counter — fresh breads, cookies, sweet rolls, pies, cake. And sometimes with a twist or variation to make them interesting and unique. That is what excites me. And I try to make it look nice, while I’m at it.

Speaking of looking nice, I’m not a professional photographer. So be gentle! I’m constantly trying to learn more and improve. I generally shoot using the natural light that comes in through my kitchen window. And I use a Canon A95, in case you’re curious. It’s not a fancy pants camera, but I’m hoping that sometime soon I’ll see an upgrade. (UPDATE: Friends, we have seen the upgrade! As of October 2010, I’m shooting with a Canon PowerShot SX20 IS. I’m in love.)

Gingerbread and Egg Nog Cupcakes

All of the content on this site, including but not limited to my words and my photos, belongs to me. Only mean, ugly, dishonest people would consider stealing and using anything without permission. And that’s not you, of course. You would ask me first, and I’ll most likely say yes.

If you need to contact me, you can find me on Facebook and Twitter, or send a note to sugar.duchess (at) gmail.